Peter Whitehead and the first car sold by Enzo Ferrari

Born in Menstone, England, on November 12, 1914, Peter Whitehead began participating in some Formula 1 races since 1950.

Whitehead is the first driver to whom Enzo Ferrari sells his car, so much so that his participation in the Grand Prix will take place privately. In his first season, Peter takes part in three events, the first of which is in Monte Carlo, where he fails to reach the finish line.

He later reappears in France, a stage that gives him his first and only podium, to then compete also in the following weekend, in Monza, where, however, he will not go beyond the seventh final position. The following year he competes on four occasions.

On the first occasion, Peter is only thirteenth in Switzerland, after which he returns to racing in France. Here, Whitehead will not be able to repeat the result of the previous year, which had seen him on the podium, but will even be forced to retire, making his second appearance on this circuit very bitter. Later, he will get a ninth place in England, still off the points, only to be forced to retire at Monza again. His only joy in 1951 will be the victory of the 24 Hours of Le Mans on Jaguar.

In 1952 he will start again from France, where he will race exceptionally with an Alta F2, reconfirming the result obtained in the previous season, then he will also run the British Grand Prix again, where however he will not go beyond the tenth final position. In the last round of the season, in Italy, he will not even be able to qualify.

Given the unsatisfactory results, Peter Whitehead will leave Ferrari without having obtained any victory or pole position, to marry the Cooper T24 from 1953. He disappeared on September 21, 1958, while competing in the Tour de France automobile.

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