The Ferrari V8 and Blues harmony meet on the 70s lines of the Ferrari SPC-12 EPC

The SPC-12 EPC is a Ferrari exclusive One-Off, specially designed at the request of the legendary Eric Patrick Clapton.

That's right, the famous guitarist nicknamed Slowhand, slow and sweet hand, known for having produced masterpieces such as Layla, Cocaine and Tears in Heaven just to name a few, and winner of three Grammy Awards, dedicates a deep love for the cars of the house car of the Cavallino.

Love at first sight comes almost by chance: one day his great friend George Harrison of the Beatles presents him with his latest purchase, a brand new Ferrari 365, and it is immediately love.

I want it too, Eric exclaims at the vision of his friend's car, and although he has never driven cars with a manual gearbox until then, he will say that it is not that difficult to get used to the clutch pedal, saying that it is:

"Just like using the wah-wah pedal in a musical solo".

Thus was born a garage that over the years will contain the best cars in the world treated in every single detail by Eric himself, including a 1964 Ferrari 250 Lusso made in only thirty-six units, a Ferrari Dino 206 GT sold at auction in 2017, after a after a bad accident back in 1968, a 612 Scaglietti also sold later, a Ferrari Enzo, a Ferrari F40 then sold for a record amount of one million euros, and a Ferrari 512 BB, his first car of Maranello that appears on the cover of the Slowhand LP with broken right side, license plate GPM446N.

The English artist, who is obsessed with customization and does not want to buy a Ferrari like the others, generally requires custom and strictly on a single model.

It is therefore for this reason that the Ferrari SPC-12 EPC was born, which is nothing more than a Ferrari 458 Italia Taylor Made.

The Bluesman wants to reproduce numerous accessories and stylistic symbols typical of the 512 BB inside its new Ferrari, and the design is taken care of by the Ferrari Style Center in collaboration with Pininfarina.

Mr. Slowhand is very demanding and immediately some problems arise that do not simplify the construction of this car: in fact, Eric wants a V12 engine to be mounted on his Ferrari, but after some tests, they convince Laurea to give up, thus fitting the classic V8 of the 458.

The reason for this headache is very simple: a V12 engine is very bulky and it would not have been easy, if not almost impossible, to be able to install it in the small engine compartment of the 458 Italia.

From a mechanical point of view, therefore, the SPC-12 EPC has the same characteristics as a normal Ferrari 458 Italia, which mounts a classic V8 with 4.499 cm³ cylinder banks at 90 degrees and 570 hp at 9.000 rpm, mounted in the rear-central position and with a maximum torque of 540 Nm at 6.000 rpm.

The F136FB model engine, which has a particularly high ratio (12.5:1), is flanked by an electro-hydraulic dual-clutch, seven-speed gearbox.

In addition, the car is equipped with every driving aid system, such as ABS, F1-Trac and the E-Diff system. If the mechanics therefore remain unchanged, the style of the car is instead deeply revised.

In fact, a matte black band in the lower part of the bodywork, a chromed air intake on the front hood, and circular rear headlights are added to the large chrome grille, also mounted on a matte black background.

The interior is in hand-embroidered light leather, in full Ferrari style, and the driving is obviously on the right as the car is intended for driving on English roads.

The car required a long period of study and design that lasted two years, at the end of which it was officially presented and delivered to the well-known English guitarist.

The car cost a record five million euros, and was duly homologated and registered with a personalized license plate with the model name and the initials of the English bluesman. In fact, SPC stands for Special Project Car, while EPC stands for Eric Patrick Clapton, who, speaking of the uniqueness of his car, declares:

"Following the project was like having in front of a gigantic blank canvas on which to paint and follow the birth and development of the car, an incredible experience, one of the most satisfying things I have ever done, as unique and unrepeatable as the result achieved".


Car body

Two doors

Tank capacity 86 liters

Mass in running order 1,455 kg

Length 453 cm

Width 194 cm

Height 121 cm

Step 265 cm


8 cylinder V engine

Displacement 4.497 cm³

Petrol supply

Max power/speed 419 KW (570 hp) 9.000 rpm

Maximum torque 540 Nm

Rear-wheel Drive

Seven-speed sequential gearbox


Max speed 325 km/h

Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h 3.4 seconds

Anti-polluting approval Euro 5

CO2 emissions 307 g/km


Urban 20 liters/100 km

Extra-urban 10 liters/100 km

Mixed 13 liters/100 km

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