Ferrari 488 Spider, every limit exists only to be exceeded

The Ferrari 488 Spider was born with the idea of ​​imposing new benchmarks for road cars in every single aspect of the car, starting with the RHT (Retractable Hard Top) folding hard top around which the entire project was developed.

The many innovations introduced with this new model contribute to making the 488 Spider a truly unique specimen, capable of providing top-level performance even on the most demanding and treacherous roads.

There is no shortage of sophisticated technologies that make driving breathtaking to say the least, such as the seven-speed F1 gearbox equipped with double clutch, the advanced electronic trim angle control system (Side Slip Control - SSC2), capable of providing a longitudinal acceleration out of curves twelve percent higher than the 458 Spider.

The new Brembo Extreme Design braking system mounted on the Ferrari 488 Spider, derived from that of the LaFerrari, reduces stopping distance by nine percent, and the new twenty inches wheels not only have a sporty design, but have been studied to reduce the weights, thus improving the performance of the car.

Creating a car with a reduced resistance to moving forward and the maximum vertical load generated, these are the targets set for the 488 Spider. The goal is not simple, but the Cavallino engineers surpass themselves once again, creating a model that can boast an aerodynamic efficiency value of 1.53, thus setting a new record for a production Ferrari Spider.

The front is characterized by a central pylon (Aero Pillar) and the double front spoiler inspired by Formula One. The Aero Pillar manages the air that hits the car, distributing it longitudinally and transversely.

The 488 Spider boasts an innovative aerodynamic bottom equipped with vortex generators, curved surfaces capable of accelerating the air, decreasing the pressure of the latter, thus generating a thrust that crushes the car towards the ground; this solution generates aerodynamic advantages, without compromising resistance.

The flat front bottom contributes to the creation of vertical load by reducing the distance from the ground, without dirtying the flow of air that hits the front sabers. The large rear extractor is equipped with drifts that act with the aim of perfectly disposing of the large flow of air channeled under the car body.

A control unit integrated with the other vehicle dynamics controls manages the movement of the flaps mounted on the extractor.

Completely new is the blown spoiler, a Ferrari patent, thanks to which the air enters a special outlet, located on the base of the rear window, and exits at the rear, from the bumper, which guarantees a higher level of downforce by virtue of an increase of the concavity of the loaded surface and, in parallel, of an increase in the upward deviation of the flow.

With this solution the rear spoiler is not raised, to the advantage of the reduction of resistance. The Base Bleed engine air intake is positioned on the side, divided by a central flap: the flow that flows on the upper part, also used for the engine intake, is let out at the rear of the car, with the purpose of reduce drag associated with the wake.

The V8 that equips the 488 Spider is the answer to the challenge posed every day by the Maranello engineers, to overcome the limits already reached to always establish a new parameter of excellence. This engine offers the highest performance ever, without any turbo lag and a breathtaking and exciting sound.

The engine is capable of delivering 670 hp at 8,000 rpm, with the specific power of 172 hp/liter, an absolute record for an approved Ferrari, maximum torque of 760 Nm in seventh gear and a response time to the accelerator command of only 0.8 seconds at 2.000 rpm in third gear.

Usually, the adoption of the turbo worsens the response times of the engine to accelerator stress: the more the power increases, the more the turbo lag rises, with response times two to three times longer than naturally aspirated engines.

Despite 100 hp more than the previous Spider version, the Maranello engineers are able to perform some real feats, so that the new V8 Turbo provides a readiness of response of only 0.8 seconds, substantially guaranteeing that immediate response to the typical accelerator of Ferrari engines.

There are numerous contents that contribute to such an exceptional result: turbochargers with impellers mounted on ball bearing, turbine wheels in TiAl, a special alloy of titanium and low density aluminum. To all this must be added the twin scroll turbine, designed and built to maximize the power produced. Great attention has been paid toperformance and efficiency in all areas, starting with combustion: Hi-tumble intake ducts, direct injection at two hundred bar, ECU with knock control, misfire recognition and multi spark functionality.

Speaking of mechanical efficiency, many interventions have been made, starting with the variable displacement oil pump, up to the distribution with roller finger. The flat shaft architecture ensures maximum compactness, contains the masses and improves internal fluid dynamics through the equal distribution of air and, therefore, the balance between the cylinders.

Every Ferrari always gives a unique and distinctive sound, and the 488 Spider is no exception: the sound emitted by the new V8, full and powerful from low revs, underlines the promptness of response and the abundance of torque, and grows in volume and brilliance with increasing revs, highlighting the high standards of performance.

An engaging soundtrack, which when the roof is open is not excessive, which is generated by the manifolds of high length and equal dimensions, the flat crankshaft and is maximized by the careful study of harmonics and individual tones̀ for each number of revolutions , another aspect in which Ferrari has long been a reference.

Designed by the Ferrari Style Center, the 488 Spider also features a unique style, designed to ensure high level aerodynamic performance, thus enhancing its performance and sportiness, ensuring maximum enjoyment even in the open air. The proportions of the 488 are the canonical ones of rear-engined Ferraris: the short and powerful front fender into which the bumper is wedged, the side, furrowed by new side air intakes of the intercoolers, which originate from the door, with a pattern that recalls the 308 GTB.

The front is characterized by a wide mouth, while the hood has a prominent central grain, and two side channels that channel the air coming from the two vents in the bumper. The rear bonnet has ribs that generate an effect of three-dimensionality and dynamism; on it stand out the new engine air intakes, covered by specific grids characterized by a sculptural motif.

A new livery is introduced with the 488 Spider; the new color, Blu Corsa metallic, was designed to create, from a visual point of view, a symbiosis between the sky and the car body. The new dashboard takes shape around the cockpit, with a reduced horizontal development that serves to enhance the lightness, on which the ultra-sporty air vents are placed. The overall result is a perfect integration between innovation and tradition guaranteed by the presence of typical elements of the Prancing Horse, such as the clear separation between the dashboard and tunnel, the multifunction steering wheel, the adoption of the control bridge.

From a careful work focused on quality and attention to detail, a completely new door panel was born, which increases tactile comfort with a wide and comfortable support for the arm. Great attention was paid to the creation of the new seats, with fixed headrest integrated into the backrest.

The new profiles and foams are designed to make even long journeys pleasant and comfortable. In addition to the integrated Apple CarPlay system, the new Sport version infotainment system is installed on the 488 Spider, with the screen always located inside the instrument panel, designed for maximum ease of use, as well as for the many functions offered to passengers: navigation, access to functionalities and aesthetic integration.

Like the 488 GTB also, the 488 Spider has a car key with keyless start function: equipped with a chip which, via a wireless mode, is able to remain connected to the car's ECU.


V8 engine 90° Turbo

Total displacement 3,902 cm³

Maximum power 670 hp at 8000 rpm

Maximum torque 760 Nm at 6750 rpm

Specific power 172 hp/liter

Maximum speed 8000 rpm

Compression ratio 9.4:1

Dimensions and weights

Length 4568 mm

Width 1952 mm

Height 1211 mm

Wheelbase 2650 mm

Front track 1679 mm

Rear track 1647 mm

Dry weight 1420 kg

Weight distribution 41.5% Front - 58.5% Rear

Luggage compartment capacity 230 liters

Rear bench capacity 58 liters

Fuel tank capacity 78 liters

245/35 ZR20 J9.0 front tires

Rear tires 305/30 ZR20 J11.0


Top speed 325 km/h, from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.0 seconds, from 0 to 200 km/h in 8.7 seconds, from 0 to 400 meters in 10.55 seconds, from 0 to 1000 meters in 18.9 seconds

Dry weight/power ratio 2.12 kg/hp

Consumption and emissions

Consumption 12.9 liters/100 km

Emissions 294 g/km

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