Ferrari 365 P Special, the three-seater with slender lines of the Prancing Horse

We are in 1966 and the Turin-based company Pininfarina, on behalf of Ferrari, builds one of the first concept cars of the Maranello car manufacturer.

Based on the design by Aldo Brovarone, the project takes the name of Ferrari 365 P Speciale. One of the unique features of this model is that it has three front seats in the coupé configuration, of which the central one is for the driver, while the two passenger seats on the sides are set back. An innovative and original solution, which was taken up years later even by Gordon Murray with McLaren Formula One.

The 365 P Speciale derives directly from the 365 P2 used for Sport Tursimo races, which explains the presence of a large tail.

The mechanics are also borrowed from the 365 P2 and, once again, this model has a peculiarity, being the first road car of the Prancing Horse equipped with a 4.4-liter V12 engine, powered by three Weber carburettors, placed in a central position, capable of delivering a maximum power of 380 hp at 7.300 rpm.

Completing the package is a five-speed manual transmission with Transaxle system.

The car has a very futuristic design for the time, and although the shapes always recall the P2 model, such as the side air intakes, the choice of the panoramic roof makes possible the touch of elegance that distinguishes each model of the Red. even for those with a sporting dna like this one.

The interiors also represent the right compromise between elegance and sportiness, using the essentiality of the spaces as a leitmotif, with the instrument panel consisting of only two tachometers, while not giving up the excellent ergonomics provided by the black leather seats.

The 365 P Speciale was also the starting point for the development of some of the most important and famous models of the Maranello car manufacturer, namely the Ferrari Dino 206 GT and 246, which will incorporate many of its external features.

The prototype of the Ferrari 365 P Berlinetta Speciale was presented at the 1966 Paris Motor Show in the Dream car category, and the following year a second model was made on commission by Gianni Agnelli, who was struck by the sportiness of the new jewel from the very first minute. Ferrari, thus bringing the number of units produced to only two; one of these two models is donated by Enzo Ferrari to the famous driver and entrepreneur Luigi Chinetti, the first Ferrari dealer in the USA.

In August 2014, on the occasion of the annual auction at the Concours d'Elegance in Pebble Beach, the specimen donated to the Italian entrepreneur was brought to light in exceptional condition, with only 7.900 km traveled and with the slender Pininfarina livery painted in White Gardenia.

After its debut at the 1966 Paris Motor Show, the car resoundingly returns to be one of the most elegant cars on the planet, making it possible to dive into the past of almost fifty years, when the car was present in the stands of the Maranello car manufacturer in France before to be sold to the American Chinetti Motors. The car has a current value of over twenty million dollars.



V12 engine, 24 valves

Petrol supply

Carburettors 4 Weber 40 IF3 C

Liquid coolant

Position of the longitudinal engine

Displacement 4390 cm³

Bore and stroke 81.00x71.00 mm

Compression ratio 8.80

Maximum power 380 PS or 375 bhp or 279 kW 7200 rpm

Maximum torque 431.0 Nm or 317 lb.ft 7200 rpm

RWD traction

Five-speed manual gearbox

Car body

Two-door coupé body

Wheelbase 260 cm

Length 440 cm

Width 189 cm

Height 119 cm

Front track 148 cm

Rear track 147 cm

Weight 1020 kg

Value Weight / Power 2.7 kg/hp

Double wishbones front suspension

Double wishbones rear suspension

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