Dino 206 GT, a Ferrari in disguise

In 1968, in honor of Enzo Ferrari's late eldest son, the Maranello car manufacturer presented the Ferrari Dino 206 GT. A sporty and classic car at the same time, representing the very soul of Dino, who designed the powerful 2000 cubic centimeters V6 engine, so the name 206, which produces 180 horsepower.

Its realization follows a long gestation, whose style is curated by Aldo Brovarone on behalf of Pininfarina, while the mechanics are fine-tuned by Eng. Vittorio Jano and Alfredo Ferrari.

On the Dino 206 GT the engine is installed in a central transverse position, combined with three Weber 40 DCNF3 carburettors and a five-speed gearbox, while the lubrication benefits from dry sump technology.

The body is built by Carrozzeria Scaglietti and is entirely in aluminum. This wraps around a tubular steel frame with a mixed circular and elliptical section. In the side sections there are air intakes to allow the cooling of the mechanical components of the car, while the headlight parables are recessed inside the fenders.

The car has a dimension of 4150 millimeters in length, 1700 millimeters in width, a height of only 1115 millimeters, a wheelbase of 2280 millimeters. With a dry mass of only 900 kg, the car is able to reach a maximum speed of 230 km/h.

The rims are also optimized for weight reduction, designed with a single wing nut fixing and built in light alloy.

The suspensions have four independent wheels with hydraulic shock absorbers, deformable wishbones and coil springs, while the braking system consists of disc brakes on each wheel.

The interiors are classic and essential, with upholstery entirely in leather like the seats, and with chromed details such as the gear lever, the frames of the storage compartments, the knobs for the radio and the heating, and the cranks for opening of the doors and the window, as well as a steering wheel consisting of the external wooden disc and the central Dino logo.

The car also has a detail that is not common in the classic cars of the Maranello house, in fact on the body of the Ferrari Dino there is no Prancing Horse on a yellow background, but there is a plaque with the inscription Dino in italics on a yellow background. In fact, what today we would commonly refer to as a spin-off of a car manufacturer, this car's launch slogan is as follows:

"Tiny, snappy, safe...almost like a Ferrari".

Six prototypes of the car were produced by Pininfarina between 1965 and 1967, while the actual car was presented and produced starting in 1968. The Ferrari Dino 206 GT is replaced after just one year by its sister Dino 246 GT.

There is also a model called Dino produced by its cousin Fiat and produced in 1966, with which however there is no element in common, except the name. The Ferrari Dino 206 GT was put on sale in 1968 for a total of 4.15 million lire.




V6 65° water-cooled, dry sump lubrication

Displacement bore x stroke 86x57 mm, unit 331.1, total 1986.6 cm³

Distribution double overhead shaft driven by chain and gears, two valves per cylinder

Fuel system three Weber double barrel 40 DCNF3 carburettors

Power 180 hp at 8000 rpm

Torque 19 Kgm at 6500 rpm

Clutch single dry plate

Five gears + reverse


Tubular steel with mixed circular and elliptical section, aluminum body

Steering rack


Front with independent wheels, deformable quadrilaterals, telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers, coil springs

Rear with independent wheels, deformable quadrilaterals, telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers, coil springs


Front self-ventilating disc

Rear self-ventilating disc, with brake booster


185 VR14/Rims in light alloy, wing nut fixing


Maximum declared speed 230 Km/h

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