#87 1960 Indy 500

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#87 1960 Indy 500

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The day after the Monaco Grand Prix, the third Grand Prix of the season is scheduled to take place on Monday, May 30, 1960. For the last time in the history of Formula 1, the Indy 500 is on the calendar, but again the American sporting event will not see the participation of European teams. This, in addition to the proximity to the Monaco Grand Prix, and of the next Dutch Grand Prix to be run on Sunday, June 7, 1960, European teams desert this sporting event because of the excessive cost of transporting the material and the excessive difference in the means available, compared to the technical regulatory formula adopted in the United States. Thirty-three competitors participate in the Indy 500. Success falls to old Jlm Rathmann, who manages to overtake Rodger Ward, winner of the last edition of the Indy 500, in a thrilling finish. Ward slows down slightly in the final laps due to trouble with a tire, and it is easy for Rathmann to beat him across the finish line, albeit by a slight margin. Third was Goldmlsch, then, in order, Eddie Johnson, Lloyd Ruby, Bob Veith, Schorty Templeman and Bud Tingelstad. The average set by the winner over the 500 miles is 223.280 km/h, a new record for the race.


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