#4 1950 Switzerland Grand Prix

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#4 1950 Switzerland Grand Prix

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The fast and tricky Bremgarten Forest circuit-the scene of the 10th Swiss Automotive Grand Prix-saw a dazzling new affirmation of Italian industry. Held in front of an enthusiastic crowd of about 60.000, the fourth round of the world championship consecrated the clear superiority of the Alfa Romeo 158s. The race, made difficult by the intense heat that put men and machines to the test, was full of twists and turns. At the start Ascari took second behind Fangio; Farina secured third place, while the elderly but ever-valiant Fagioli slotted in between Villoresi and Prince Bira in a Maserati. The six cars passed by the grandstands on the second lap within a few meters of each other, but by lap three. Ascari was forced to stop in the pits a first time and on the fifth he retired. Meanwhile Farina boldly passed Fangio and set a new track record for the category, lapping in 2'41"6 at a speed of 162.178 km/h. On the tenth lap another twist: after Farina and Fangio, always fighting for first place, Fagioli passed under the grandstands alone. Almost at the same time the loudspeaker announced the retirement of Villoresi, who up to this point had been fighting validly for third place. The crowd greeted the news with regret. Practically the race was over at this point. The Alfa Romeos, with the three Fs, Farina, Fangio, Fagioli, in the lead, gradually improved their lead. Only a mechanical accident touched Fangio on lap 31, which forced him to retire, proved the Milanese manufacturer of a well-deserved three-fold victory. For the lead Farina and Fagioli contested a genuine final sprint, and the Turinese won by a narrow margin. With the victory in Berne, Giuseppe Farina decisively assumed the lead in the standings for the title of World Motor Racing Champion, clearly distancing Fangio, Ascari and the American champions. A few accidents, fortunately not serious, befell the Talbot racers. Glraud-Cabantous went off the track on lap nine but was miraculously unharmed, while his compatriot Eugenio Martin, whose car overturned in a difficult downhill corner, was transported to the hospital with a fractured femur.


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