Dorino Serafini

2021-02-02 23:00

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Dorino Serafini

In the first decades of the twentieth century there were many riders who had experience both in the world of two and four wheels: Teodoro Serafini is


In the first decades of the twentieth century there were many riders who had experience both in the world of two and four wheels: Teodoro Serafini is one of them. Dorino, nickname given to him by his friends, was born in San Pietro in Calibano, a fraction of Pesaro, on July 22, 1909. Serafini began his adventure with motorcycling before the Second World War, becoming Italian champion in 1933 in the 175 cubic centimeter category driving a MM and in 1936 in the 500 with a Bianchi 350 cubic centimeters, and European champion in 1939 with the four-cylinder Gilera 500, beating the BMW squadron that can count on the great Georg Meier.


At the end of the world war, at the age of thirty-seven, Dorino Serafini decides to continue his career aboard cars. The beginning, however, is not as happy as the period on the bike was, given that in 1947, driving a Maserati 4CL, he was the victim of a frightening accident due to a broken steering during the Comminges Grand Prix, when he is practically certain of victory.


Dorino will spend several months in the hospital, before participating again in a Formula 2 race, at the end of 1948. In 1950 Serafini will start his sporting collaboration with Ferrari, with which he will compete mainly in Formula 2, in Sport races (reaching the prestige of second place in the 1950 Mille Miglia) and even two Formula 1 races, where he will get two podium finishes and on both occasions he will finish the races in second place. At first, at the San Remo Grand Prix, in a race not valid for the Formula 1 World Championship, he won the first podium, and at Monza he will repeat the feat, while sharing the wheel with Alberto Ascari.


In 1951 Serafini will go to the assault of the Mille Miglia but unfortunately, near Martinsicuro, the gearbox of his Ferrari will be blocked while traveling a stretch of road at over 200 km/h, causing a frightening accident that will put an end to his racing career. The consequence of this terrible accident is that he will remain limp for the rest of his life. Nonetheless, Dorino was a meticulous professional, meticulous both on two and on four wheels. In this regard he will say:


"You don't have a shotgun in the race but you're like in the trenches, you and the others. Very close. In contact. Only one goes to the top step of the podium. The applause is for everyone, but the strongest is for those who fought more and better".


Serafini will also be remembered for being the first to break the hundred miles per hour barrier at the Tourist Trophy with the Gilera 500 rondine; for his victories, the head of the Italian government, Benito Mussolini, will award him numerous times. Dorino in the race has always been respected not only by those who are with him in the team but also by his opponents, who have always defined him as a gentleman. He died on July 5, 2000, but the memory of his exploits on two and four wheels still echoes today. Moreover, a famous phrase by him, pronounced a few months before he died, in which he expresses all his love for the world of Motorsport:


"I take the roar of racing engines with me up there. It will keep me company".


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