Red Bull RB7, the second World Champion of the Anglo-Austrian team

2021-02-25 23:00

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Red Bull RB7, the second World Champion of the Anglo-Austrian team

Red Bull Racing, the World Champion team reigning in the previous season, will present the awaited RB7 with which they will defend the title they have


Red Bull Racing, the World Champion team reigning in the previous season, will present the awaited RB7 with which they will defend the title they have just won on February 1, 2011, at the Ricardo Tormo Circuit in Valencia. The car takes to the track for a day of filming day with the same drivers of the previous season, namely the German Sebastian Vettel, reigning World Champion, and his teammate Mark Webber.


Technical aspects


Mainly we note the absence of the fin compared to the RB6, eliminated after the few kilometers of filming day. The lines of the car are now smoother, the nose is higher and without humps, while the sides are decidedly more streamlined, indicating how the refinement work was exceptional by the engineers and technicians at Milton Keynes.


Despite the various restrictions imposed in that area by the current technical regulations, chief designer Adrian Newey managed to find a loophole to blow the exhausts inside the diffuser, thus generating much more downforce. In fact, the Federation has established that the only openings in the diffuser are represented by the hole to insert the starter motor, and an area of ​​five centimeters in the external area of ​​the bottom.


The Milton Keynes team, on the other hand, takes advantage of this small misunderstanding of the regulation to introduce very flat exhausts, which blow right in this area. This action helps to accelerate the flow of air into the diffuser, and thus increases the downforce in the rear.


In addition, a solution is studied so that the exhausts blow the quantity of air necessary into the diffuser to generate a sufficient downforce load, so as not to have repercussions when the engine runs at low speeds, effectively removing the problem relating to the reduced air flow generated by regulations.


All this happens without creating anomalous alterations in the engine temperature. This is the main feature of the car, which places an important technical gap between itself and the remaining single-seaters on the grid.


A phenomenal season


The RB7 is the true dominator of the season, as it conquers eighteen poles - of which the first fifteen in a row - in nineteen total races, of which fifteen with Sebastian Vettel and three with the Australian Mark Webber, and twelve victories, of which eleven with the German and one with the Australian.


In the first nine races they are literally dominated by Sebastian Vettel, who leaves no room for anyone. The German from Heppenheim obtained six victories respectively in Australia, Malaysia, Turkey, Spain and on the two technical city circuits of the Principality of Monaco and Valencia, also conquering the second place in China, Canada and Great Britain, surrounded by seven pole positions.


Mark Webber, on the other hand, suffers the dominance of his teammate and only wins a second place in Turkey and four third places in China, after a splendid comeback from eighteenth position, Canada, Great Britain, and in the European Grand Prix, in Valencia.


After nine races Sebastian Vettel leads the championship with 80 points over Mark Webber, who is in second place in the drivers' standings. Despite some reliability problems and pitfalls that deny Vettel victory at Silverstone, the Red Bull RB7 continues to win, always dominating races in Belgium, Italy and Singapore with the German driver.


In the next Grand Prix, in Japan, the reigning World Champion wins the second consecutive world title by crossing the finish line in third position, after having obtained the twelfth pole position of the season. In the sixteenth round of the season in Korea, Red Bull, after winning the drivers 'title the previous week, also won the constructors' title with three races to spare, thanks to the victory of Vettel and the third place of Webber.


Even in India Vettel does not stop, despite the world title already won: the German gets the Grand Chelem, while Webber fails to go on the podium, finishing fourth at the finish. In Abu Dhabi, the German driver, after taking yet another pole on Saturday, retires for the first time this season due to a puncture occurred on the first lap, after nineteen consecutive useful results between the old and new season, while Webber comes again fourth.


In the last round of the season in Brazil, Red Bull won the third double, but this time it was Mark Webber who won, also making the fastest lap in the race, ahead of teammate Vettel, in second position. Thanks to the victory at Interlagos, the Australian manages to overtake Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso in the world championship standings dedicated to drivers, becoming vice World Champion.


Red Bull ends the season with 650 world championship points, furthermore obtaining the record of points obtained, since the new 2010 score came into force, by a team in a Formula 1 season.


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