Alain, the French champion who arrived in Motorsport by pure chance

Where the story begins

Alain is World Champion, Ayrton amazes with his Lotus

Ayrton enchants in Monaco, Alain tries to contend the Williams title

Alain breaks into McLaren, the war begins with Ayrton

Ayrton is World Champion,
Alain fights with Ferrari

Alain wins the fourth title, Ayrton is simply Magic

The last one
journey of Ayrton Senna

Ayrton Senna, the origins of the Brazilian champion, from karts to Formula 1

Alain is second by only half a point, Ayrton amazes with Toleman

Williams drivers fight, Alain wins, Ayrton is fourth uncomfortable

Ayrton wins by the points difference, Alain surrenders to the regulations

Ayrton's revenge against Balestre and the FIA, Prost close to the Ferrari miracle

Alain takes a sabbatical, and takes Williams away from Ayrton Senna

An unexpected start for Ayrton, while Schumacher wins and convinces

What a legacy they left us
Alain and Ayrton?


Who Are

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